At Golf La Roca we are determined to transform golf and make it easier to enjoy it. That is why we decided to invest heavily in the remodeling of the driving range and we have been one of the pioneering clubs in deploying the Toptracer Range technology.

From now on, you can practice like a pro and have a better time with your friends discovering some of the best golf courses in the world and competing under new leisure formulas.

What is the Toptracer Range technology?

Toptracer Range is the same technology you see on TV. This technology is able to track the ball, and thanks to this, show you its trajectory and certain statistics.

The technology used in Toptracer Range has already transformed the way we enjoy the broadcasting of golf tournaments on TV.

Toptracer Range consists of 2 cameras, each located at one end of the installation. These cameras capture any movement and send the image information to a local server.

The server contains an image analysis software that processes this information and transmits the necessary data to each of the individual screens for real-time viewing.

The technology is able to follow up to 10 balls simultaneously! Yes, and it is able to perfectly identify which player has hit each of the balls followed.

The solution offers multiple “modes”. Some of them will allow you to practice better and improve your game more easily; others will allow you to compete with your friends and entertain yourself in new ways.

'What's In My Bag' mode of Toptracer Range for playing the game.

Prices of Toptracer Range at Golf La Roca

We have decided to offer you the most innovative technology starting from just € 9 / bay.

Golf La Roca has 10 bays enabled with Toptracer Range technology, and exclusive for the use of it and Golf La Roca Academy. Book yours at Reception, and discover it!

At Golf La Roca we have 10 bays enabled with Toptracer Range.

To use them, you must purchase one of the following products:

  • 25 minute session. Price of € 9 / bay.
  • 55 minute session. Price of € 14 / bay.
  • Pack of 10 sessions of 25 minutes. Special price of € 81.

These prices are inclusive of local taxes, and allow you to enjoy a Toptracer Range enabled bay with up to a maximum of 4 people per bay.

How can you enjoy Toptracer Range?

Enjoying this new service is very simple. You only need to purchase a plan at Reception and go to the practice area to start your session.