Out of Competition Results (RFC)

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Resultados Fuera de Competición

Possibly you have not competed for a while due to the restrictions that we are experiencing due to the current situation.
If you want to update your handicap, now is a good time to test yourself again with the “Out of Competition Result”.

How does it work?

• Book in advance and inform about your intention to obtain a “Out of Competition Result”
• Also inform who will be your marker or if not available, the club will assign one to you.
• Number of Holes you are going to play (9 or 18).
• Deliver the signed card and also by your marker.
• A maximum of one Out-of-Competition Result per month will be admitted, which will be communicated to the RFEG to carry out the handicap update.

Which are the requirements?

• Players with a Handicap equal to or greater than 4.5 (from 2nd category).
• The game mode will be Stableford.