Golf La Roca continues to strengthen its renewed golf school in Barcelona with the addition to the team of Manuel Liñán, renowned local teacher.

Who is the professional Manuel Liñán?

With more than 20 years of experience as a professional teacher, Manuel Liñán has a very extensive curriculum that includes, among others, the qualification by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, a TPI Level 3 Certificate, and a Certificate in Biomechanics Level 2.

Manuel has been the instructor of several European team players and renowned first-rate professionals such as Carles Pigem, Pep Anglés and Adrià Arnaus.

And he is able to go beyond the standard swing mechanisms to help the person discover what he is able to achieve as a golf player.

The technical base “G.A.S.P.S.” in the heart of the Academy

The golf school of Golf La Roca is progressively becoming a benchmark in the world of golf in Catalonia. It has one of the best practice areas to improve the game, a complete multidisciplinary team and a very practical philosophy.

We want the player to enjoy golf more day after day and have more fun. Whether competing or playing with his friends. For this, the team focuses on the new technical base introduced by Manuel Liñán, which is summarized in the acronym “G.A.S.P.S.”:

  • Grip. Because it is essential to handle the golf club properly so that the rest of the aspects flow.
  • Aiming at the target. Knowing how to align the club’s face to the target can help you improve your game substantially.
  • Stance. Without knowing how to properly position and line up in front of the ball, it is difficult to perform a good swing.
  • Posture. Good posture in general is essential to get the body to mark the correct angles at all times.
  • Swing. Finally, to hit the ball solidly, it is time to perform a fluid movement with the body balanced.