Golf La Roca has an unparalleled practice area that is ideal for perfecting the game and getting entertained.

Our golf practice area in Barcelona, of more than 50,000 m2, and recently remodeled, surprises all types of players for the wide variety of possibilities offered for the PERFECTION of all types of shots and ENJOYMENT OF GOLF as leisure.


Multi-purpose, multi-platform driving range.

It is the heart of the golf practice area. It has two shooting platforms, one at each end of the range. In total, with capacity for 20 covered positions, and dozens of positions to practice on the grass.

At the far end of the range, there is also a bunker from which to practice long distance shots.


Multitude of golf targets at your disposal

Without them, practicing at the driving range would not be the same. You will find 5 greens of natural grass and with different “flags” that will allow you to practice your shots better.

From time to time, we might also surprise our players with other types of unusual targets and other challenges for the most determined.


The most innovative technology in golf

At Golf la Roca we like to be at the forefront and be pioneers in the sector. That is why we are deploying Toptracer technology, which will allow you to get more out of your practice. And entertain yourself in new ways!

No wonder you find us also experimenting with other technologies. We are very curious.


Practice your putt in 3 different zones

We have 2 zones next to the driving range, in each of the ends, and with an additional area next to tee 10 for the more robust practice simulating the conditions of the greens at the course.


Privileged area for the short game

Next to the range, you will also find a small area for the practice of short distance shots, including bunker exits. The target green has several fixed flags and multiple slopes.

This area is located in front of the terrace of the restaurant, which makes it the ideal place to practice the short game with the colleagues while you drink something.


Wild area for the short game

Once you know it, you will not be able to resist the temptation to practice here.

It is an area with three par 3 holes where you can practice all kinds of shots up to 100 m. distance in a real game environment.

Coming soon … also equipped for all kinds of challenges and events!


Small, specialized, multi-purpose gym

Are you one of those who prefer to warm up thoroughly? Maybe you want to get fit and complete your practice with a good physical preparation? Then you must spend time in our gym!

An exclusive space with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment specifically selected to facilitate the physical preparation of golf players.